Battlefield 4 stuck on loading screen

Battlefield 4 stuck on loading screen


Re: Stuck on loading screen Battlefield 4 PC.Solved: Stuck on loading screen Battlefield 4 PC – web page 2 – response HQ


Feb 28, �� Just played conquest on Golmed railroad and went into running display and held running. The overall game is an excellent online game in concept it is nevertheless a broken online game no matte. Oct 02, �� BF4 – HOW-TO FIX STUCK ON LOADING SCREEN BUGI had this dilemma and for many years was sitting around and not getting into games because the online game would freezer in the loa. Oct 02, �� Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t start shortly, take to restarting your unit. Up Next. Cancel. Autoplay is paused. You’re finalized down. Videos you watch can be included with .


Battlefield 4 stuck on loading screen.Solved: Battlefield 4 stuck on loading screen – Answer HQ

Feb 28, �� Just played conquest on Golmed railway and moved into running display and kept running. The video game is a great game in idea but is nevertheless a broken online game no matte. Oct 02, �� Tap to unmute. If playback does not start immediately, try restarting your product. Up Next. Cancel. Autoplay is paused. You are finalized completely. Video clips you watch may be put into . Tried establishing Battlefield 4, it’s stuck in the running screen. – Fresh Windows 10 – Updated Windows and Graphics Drivers – No Antivirus – Origin overlay is off – Discord overlay is off – Ran in compatibility mode – Ran as administrator – Uninstalled and reinstalled – Deleted game from Documents and Repaired – Deleted exes and repairedEstimated researching Time: 50 secs.

Re: Battlefield 4 stuck on loading display

August Did the game work previously or otherwise not after all yet? What precisely you performing prior to the loading screen? Are you releasing the overall game through Origin or Battlelog? It never ever worked, i purchased two copies and I literally installed one, copied and pasted that into the other PC and this one with lower specs operates it perfectly.

If the exact same installation works on one Computer rather than the other, I would personally start off with on a clean boot – perhaps you have had any computer software that interferes. Possibly because of the mainboard manufacturer, some overclocking computer software or even the love. What also will help is creating a brand-new windows user account and launching the overall game from there. Sometimes the pages have corrupted which could trigger issuss also.

September SegmentationFaul initial thing to try is a clean boot to be sure its not another program helping to make this matter because of the game. Also exactly what are you utilizing to weight the video game the EA console load down for Computer or the browser a lot of us will maybe not utilize the new load on even as we believe it is perhaps not stable so try the internet browser Perform a clear boot.

Also and banking you did this but once you load the video game it does not constantly start so make sure to click on the BF4 emblem that displays up within the task bar once you load the game. See if this can help you at all and let me know kindly.

I’ve maybe not aided any person all summertime because of an outside reno trying to overcome winter months so I will soon be outside today but I will always check back for you personally. If you get any errors please post them as it will give myself more of a idea on how to allow you to. Cheers Zorlacc. I really appreciate your help. Listed here is more tips. I’m on a Lenovo yp with an Nvidia m. I am currently uncompressing the OS via the Compact.

When I put battlefield 4 to the x86 variation in beginning and boot it via source it directs me to battlelog. The foundation overlay works. Once I put battleground 4 towards the x64 version in source and boot it via origin it launches battleground immediately. The origin overlay does not work. I am currently updating my nvidia motorist and am uncompacting the OS. September – final edited September SegmentationFaul Give this a try in origin settings if you don’t done already as some source settings make problems like yours If all this work does not fix-it then test this when you install the game once more it is possible to continue to have exactly the same problems.

Even when their not a brand-new install it continues to be well worth attempting once the game cfg may be mucked up. If it fails reboot your personal computer and run fix online game once again and test BF4. I can offer you some settings ingame to get your FPS a bit greater if we could possibly get you ingame. This widget could perhaps not be displayed. Help us enhance Answers HQ! Just Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Enroll.

See details Show less. Start suggestions. Auto-suggest makes it possible to rapidly narrow straight down your hunt outcomes by recommending feasible matches while you type. Showing outcomes for. Search instead for. Would you mean. Stuck on loading screen Battlefield 4 Computer by Hokahey Zombies flowers vs. Zombies 2 Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other flowers vs. Re: Stuck on loading screen Battlefield 4 PC. August Hey nicola , sorry to see you are struggling. Are you able to provide even more information possibly? Message 11 of 27 5, Views.

August Hello there, I am getting the identical problem. In mine, I’ve attempted: – Disabling Origin in online game and cloud storage – Checked file integrity – Downloaded a fresh save profile replacing mine – Put every thing to operate as admin – do not have antivirus or firewall after all – Launched directly from Origin and from the games’ files absolutely nothing worked however.

Message 12 of 27 5, Views. August Hey ShikiFawkes , many thanks for the set of things you’ve already done, that will help. Message 13 of 27 5, Views. September Exact Same Issue here..

Message 14 of 27 4, Views. SegmentationFau l. September I also just bought BF4 off origin and it also just hangs from the preliminary loading display Pretty brutal!!

Oldish laptop. Additional monitor. Put in on disk drive. Ran the repair uncertain if it’s doing anything or simply damaged Ya actually gotta find some logs and analysis about this asap to fix it however! Message 15 of 27 4, Views. September more information: I attempted deleting the battlefield 4 folder from documents and have now enabled operate as administrator on bf4.

Working a fix procedure now. With those. I purchased the Digital Deluxe variation btw Ill be requesting a refund if I cannot understand this working by tomorrow night. Message 16 of 27 4, Views.

SolitaryEclecti c. September SegmentationFaul very first thing to test is a clean boot to be sure its not another program helping to make this issue utilizing the game. Message 17 of 27 4, Views. September I really appreciate your help. What is happening: Origin is operating in 32 bit mode in accordance with the Task management When I set battleground 4 towards the x86 version in origin and boot it via source it directs me to battlelog.

Essentially I cant work through the Blinking Cursor. Many thanks again for the help. Message 18 of 27 4, Views. September I’ve uncompacted the os but still and updated Nvidia motorist whilst still being can’t get because of the blinking cursor What a shame i must say i wanted to play some battleground Message 19 of 27 4, Views.

September – last edited September SegmentationFaul Give this an attempt in beginning options if you don’t done already as some source options make problems like yours Message 20 of 27 4, Views. New subject. Twitter Stream. You’ve played your part in BF4 Now it’s time is part of the brand new battle in Battlefield 1.

The Japanese will wear a “solar power gear” on the Moon 07.06.2021 [12:00],
Arseny Gerasimenko

Thinking about the problems and difficulties that scientists have actually to manage looking for alternate energy sources on the area of our planet, Japanese engineers chose to get further and proposed to use the Moon when it comes to requirements of earthlings.

The Japanese business Shimizu recently distributed to the public details of the nice but extremely promising Luna Ring project of running a world satellite. Its essence lies in placing exactly in danger associated with the equator for the Moon a “belt” of solar energy panels with a length of 11 thousand. km. Shimizu even offers a response to your concern of how to move solar-generated energy. Of these purposes, designers suggest utilizing lasers and microwaves.

Relating to the initiators for the project, robots will play a vital role when you look at the building of this Luna Ring complex. Robots would be managed from Earth 24 hours a day. Machines will have to cope with the installation and commissioning of gear. You are able that a small grouping of astronauts will get a handle on the procedure of robotic complexes and troubleshoot issues.

Taking into consideration the number of equipment and products that may must be transported towards the moon, Shimizu professionals advise making use of the nutrients associated with the world satellite towards the optimum. For instance, the sourced elements of the moon can help make cement and cement.

Relating to the project, the width for the Luna Ring at the first phases associated with project are several kilometers. Nonetheless, the belt are “extended” up to 400 kilometer. Electricity from solar power panels will undoubtedly be sent via energy lines into the primary base. It is planned to be on the near (in relation to the Earth) part associated with the Moon. Gigantic antennas with diameters of 20 kilometer will transmit the energy became beams. On world, laser beams and microwaves are again changed into electrical energy, that can easily be instantly employed for the requirements of production facilities and also the population.

Shimizu draws the attention of possible investors into the fact that the Moon features a critical advantage which makes the Luna Ring project “real”: there is no poor weather on our satellite, there aren’t any clouds and rainfall.

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