Effie build fire emblem heroes

Effie build fire emblem heroes


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Effie is one of the most versatile units in the game and may be built many ways as you indexed. Then fool around with them all (when you have the sourced elements of course). I’ve a +10 Effie with a Defense Boon and Speed Bane. I have 4 different sets for her. I’ve the Brave Lance Build . Oct 08,  · 1 Stats degree 1 stats Level 40 stats Growth Rates Stats between level 1 and 40 2 Abilities Weapons Assists deals Passives All stats have actually a qualification of variation. The stat growth page describes how the variation group of values, after being multiplied by a rarity factor, determines how much each stat will increase from amount 1 to amount 40, see stat development. Mar 28,  · Read this guide to rapidly get fully up to date and understand emblem teams and develop a group with the most readily useful synergy feasible to take over within the Fire Emblem Heroes arena. This won’t go into every detail but will place you in front of most players in the online game, so keep reading! Emblem Team Types. In the game, you will find three emblem groups you should know about.


Effie build fire emblem heroes.Fire Emblem Heroes Team Guide – mmosumo

Let’s get started. [Effie] Blue Armored Weapon – Brave Lance+ Assist – Pivot Specialized – Bonfire A – Death-blow 3 B – Wary Fighter 3 C – Threaten Def 3/Threaten Atk 3. This build makes Effie into an incrediblly deadly armored unit, entirely decimating the majority of the cast in a single round. With Brave Lance+, this woman is capable of making use of her. Mar 28,  · Read this guide to rapidly wake up to date and understand emblem groups and build a group aided by the most readily useful synergy feasible to take over in the Fire Emblem Heroes arena. This won’t go into all the details but will place you ahead of most players when you look at the game, so read on! Emblem Team Types. When you look at the online game, there are three emblem teams you should know about. Effie is one of the most versatile units when you look at the game and can be built numerous ways as if you listed. Why not mess around with them (if you have the sourced elements of program). I have a +10 Effie with a Defense Boon and Speed Bane. I have 4 different sets on her. I’ve the Brave Lance Build .
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For her IVs, to begin -Spd is her bane of preference. Not merely is it because her Spd is already abysmally low, but because with Wary Fighter, she doesn’t need to worry about her Spd being even lower. Various other boons are acceptable to boost her tankiness.

But, this tool isn’t just an expensive financial investment but had been an exclusive tool limited by the Ylissean Summer Focus and no further available. This means she operate Bonfire at the same cost cooldown as a normal Moonbow with much greater damage by way of Effie’s high Def. Defensively, the build keeps Effie’s default B-slot passive Wary Fighter 3 to avoid other devices from doubling Effie.

It’s this that allows Effie to successfully survive most encounters despite her low Spd. Without one, she’s going to drop several match ups against speedier units such as for instance mages. Pivot is selected as her help of choice because of armored units appreciating the additional activity. Swap can also be taken aswell. Swap is typically seen on tankier units. As an example, one typical situation is utilizing Swap on an ally that is in number of the adversary. Unlike different skills like Reposition which ensures you keep both heroes out of range, Swap leaves one product in range.

Effie is great at using hits, therefore Swap is a prospective help skill that may be taken too. And also this includes teams that revolve around a -blade tome mage and buffs. Nino: Pious Mage has the potential to one-shot Effie, using Panic Ploy to reverse these buffs means Effie has got the chance to not merely survive a -blade attack, but in addition potentially kill the mage on the countertop.

Wary Fighter is also why -Spd is Effie’s bane of preference in this create. With her high Def, Bonfire is taken as her unique of preference to strengthen her harm much more. As a result of her incredibly large Atk, Draconic Aura may also be considered. For her assist, Pivot is chosen to improve Effie’s range of motion, allowing Effie to move as much as 3 spaces a turn based on ally positioning.

Her C passive slot is remaining up to team composition factors and player inclination; nevertheless, Ward Armor is an excellent choice to simply help Effie support her other armored allies. Distant Counter is chosen to make certain that Effie can answer all products other than Firesweep, Sacae, Dazzling Staff, and Windsweep units, and it also increases Arena score. Ideally, she will be on a team with several people of Ward Armor , further boosting her Def and Res.

This also ties into her help skill, which is ideal for both increasing Arena score and increasing the tanking capacity for the group’s different units. Check In. From Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. Jump to: navigation , research. Show all build types Optimal Alternative Creative Unlabelled.

Extremely high investment. Distant Counter. Ward Armor. Death Blow 3. Bold Fighter 3. Medium investment. Wary Fighter 3. Quickened Pulse. Hone Armor. Vengeful Fighter 3. Close Def 3. High investment. Category : Build pages. Concealed category: Heroes with budget builds. Navigation selection Namespaces Project web page Discussion. Views View Edit resource History. Guides Beginner’s Guide Technical Help. This page was last modified on 4 April , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their particular publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. help Contact PRO. Effie’s Lance. In addition to that, with a Dancer or positioning skills on the other team, these ranged devices can really re-locate of Effie’s range and kite her until she dies. Hence, this create takes and revolves around Distant Counter to cope with ranged devices. Although not a serious player stage powerhouse like Brave Effie, this build is still exceedingly powerful due to her already high base Atk.

For a lot of ranged products which cannot one-shot Effie or lack the Defense to just take a winner, this build shuts these devices down. Thanks to Effie’s already-high base Atk, tankiness and Wary Fighter, this build still presents a threat to melee products aswell, making her an even more curved unit. Her Seal is Distant Def 3 , that will help mitigate the destruction she takes from a range. Alternatively, she can use Panic Ploy 3 , which may release her C skill slot for the next armor buff.

She still has an incredibly effective player period existence, which can be enhanced with Death Blow 3. Her shortage of action means she’s got a hard time nearing products without heavy positioning help but. Against ranged opponents especially mages , her shortage of action weakness becomes much more evident since most of the time any ranged product should be able to engage on the very first during her weaker enemy phase.

Panic Ploy 3 is another choice for her to deter opponents with stat buffs. While many builds tent towards an Atk benefit, this create is attacking twice, once with Aether , and putting those things towards Res offers her the capability to tank much more. Close Def 3 is a good seal, specially as with a high enough merge level most Arena opponents tend to be Dragons or Armors.

If you are nevertheless facing mages, then Distant Def 3 spots up her Res more. With Burkut’s Lance haing a great assault stat, she will nevertheless do some damage.

Aegis is for mages especially. Wary Fighter keeps her from being doubled. The seals accomplish a lot more of exactly the same.

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