Pioneer avic f500 bt

Pioneer avic f500 bt


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Overview of articles for Pioneer AVIC FBT webpage 1 This pc software requires that the navigation system is precisely linked to your vehicle’s parking brake and dependent on your vehicle, extra set up might be needed. For more information, please contact your Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or give us a call at () Jun 26,  · The AVIC-FBT comes with integral Bluetooth wireless hands-free. So now you will never need to miss a call, whether or not your tunes are cranked up or your phone is hidden in your case. Donate to a Better Solution The AVIC-FBT comes equipped with an integral MSN® Direct tuner. Pioneer Navgate AVIC-FBT Description. Le Pioneer Avic-FBT est un GPS muni d’un tres grand ecran qui sait lire les fichiers multimedias depuis une carte SD, une cle USB ou un baladeur d.


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Oct 11,  · By downloading software and firmware, you accept the regards to our Software Download Agreement. The Pioneer AVIC-FBT on-dash navigator offers a sophisticated, all-in-one answer for adding large-screen navigation, media capability, and hands-free Brand: Pioneer. High-end automobile CD,DVD, GPS Navigation Program with Bluetooth, 7a Touchscreen and AppRadio Mode.
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Table Of Contents. Fast Links Install this manual. Procedure Manual. Make sure to read “Important Information for the user” first! This computer software requires that the navigation system is. To learn more, please contact your. Authorized Pioneer Electronics merchant or give us a call at.

Dining table of items. Previous Webpage. Following Webpage. Flash memory multimedia av navigation receiver pages. To find out more, please contact your Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or contact us at Just read these operating guidelines so you know just how to function your design properly. After you have done reading the directions, hold this man- ual in a safe location for future reference.

Webpage 5 articles — Setting the rear view camera 92 — Adjusting the response roles associated with the touch panels touch panel calibration 93 — modifying the screen brightness 94 — establishing the power-saving function 94 — Monitoring the battery status 94 — Checking the version information 95 — This manual provides information you’ll need to create full utilization of your brand-new naviga- tion system.

Webpage 8: Map Coverage! Webpage 9: Notes For Internal Memory Introduction Notes for internal memory Before detaching the battery power In the event that interior battery is detached or dis- recharged, the memory are erased and needs to be reprogrammed. Read Returning the na- vigation system to the standard or factory set- tings before you operate this function. Webpage Basic Operation Chapter Basic operation Checking part names and procedures This chapter offers details about the names associated with the parts therefore the main features making use of the buttons.

If data loss or corruption happens in the sto- rage device for just about any explanation, most commonly it is impossible to recover the information. Pioneer allows no obligation for damages, expenses or costs arising from information reduction or corruption. Webpage Linking And Disconnecting Ipod!

By using the navigation system the very first time, select the language you want to use. Display switching overview This is basically the starting selection to get into the required screens and operate the many functions. You’ll need to be- come acquainted with how the data appears on the map.

How to browse the chart display This instance reveals a good example of a 2D chart screen. Touching the main element to cancel the dummy run. The highlighted lane indicates the suggested lane. Hence, the info may be differ- ent from what real condition is out there.

How- ever, the pin-shaped symbol is certainly not resized and keeps exhibited. Scrolling the chart into the position you need to see Press MAP option to show the navi Page 23 Basic operation 7 Caps lock control Switches the keyboard between lowercase let- ters and uppercase letters. Each touch of [aA] changes the options as follows: — enables you to capitalize initial letter of a word. Make it possible for these features, you have to stop in a safe place and place in the parking brake before establishing your path.

The display screen returns towards the previous screen. Go into the city title or Zip rule. Touching [path Touching [Name] tab sorts your options in the record in alphabetical order. Touching [Distance] tab types the options within the record in an effort by distance. It allows one to seek out a POI in the same way while you performed before. Page 29 seeking and selecting a spot! Touching [Save Criteria] without selecting a category allows you to keep only your se- lected search method including all cate- gories.

Such case, touching [Save Criteria] allows you to store it given that currently chosen category. Page Searching For a spot By Coordinates looking for and picking a place trying to find a place by coordinates Entering a latitude and longitude pinpoints the location. Touch [Coordinate]. Touch either the latitude key or the longitude key, whichever you wish to enter.

Page Deleting An Entry In “Favorites Searching for and picking a spot choosing the product on the list provides an easy way to specify the career. Touch the required entry. Whenever route is not set, the saved route is remembered and also the guidance will begin im- mediately. Webpage 35 section trying to find and choosing a place the choices shown below are available on this display: Shows a full-screen 2D map devoted to the cursor place.

Starting Point Sets the location as a starting point. Touch [Starting Point]. All waypoints already set are deleted. Touch [Save as Touch [Add Pin].

The pin-shaped symbol is placed on the map plus the display screen comes back towards the map display. This is an illustration showing a route with two waypoints. Touch [Via] to switch to the second waypoint screen. Touch [Via] to go back towards the screen for whole route.

Webpage 43 Checking the current path Alternative options:! Detailed Instructions every turning points, passed streets along with other information is shown. Directions every turning points where sound assistance is given are shown. Road List showcases the turning points most abundant in simplified condition the duplicate path brands are combined into one. Page Editing Waypoints while the Destination Chapter Editing waypoints and the destination Editing waypoints You can modify waypoints places you want to visit on the way to your destination and recal- culate the route making sure that is passes through these areas.

Including a waypoint Search for a place. Go into the desired title and then touch [Done] to complete the entry. The previous display appears. Touch [Delete] from the right of the item you want to delete. Webpage 46 The informa- tion should be updated occasionally. The MSN Direct con- tent might not be current or offered by times, and it is susceptible to change with no warning. Access listed here URL and see the information. Move to the page for activation and enter your product or service key.

Touch from the product that you would like to look at at length. Available options;! Changing the display screen lets you see global climate. This info will not fundamentally corre- spond to actual information. Utilize the infor- mation for the reference. How exactly to read traffic information on the chart The traffic event information exhibited on the map is as follows.

Page Using Hands-Free Phoning making use of hands-free phoning trying to find nearby phones The system searches for available cell phones nearby the navigation system and dis- plays them in an inventory, and registers them for link. Activate the Bluetooth wireless tech- nology in your mobile phone.

For many cell phones, no certain activity is important to activate Bluetooth wireless tech- nology. The machine searches for cellular phones with Bluetooth technology which can be waiting around for the connection and shows them within the record if the device has discovered. Page linking A Registered Cellular Phone utilizing hands-free phoning Connecting a registered cellphone The navigation system automatically connects the cellphone selected while the target of connection.

Nonetheless, connect the cellular phone manually within the following cases:! Two or more cell phones are signed up, and also you want to manually select the cellu- lar phone to be used. Webpage Receiving A Phone Call Chapter operating hands-free phoning Receiving a phone call it is possible to perform hands-free answering by using the navigation system.

Answering an inbound call the device informs you that it is getting a call by showing an email and producing a band noise when. If [Auto Solution Preference] is scheduled to [Off], answer the decision manually. The direct switch display appears. Touch the amount keys to enter the phone number. The phone quantity that was input is dis- played. Webpage Dialing Goog making use of hands-free phoning p when you yourself have not registered your property num- ber, a note appears.

Touch [Yes] to begin enrollment. Webpage Clearing Memory Chapter Using hands-free phoning p with respect to the cellphone that is connected to this navigation system via Bluetooth technology, this navigation sys- tem may possibly not be able to show the telephone book properly. Some characters might be garbled. Setting the telephone Setting the telephone amount The volume amount related to the hands-free phoning could be adjusted.

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