Walkera runner 250 issues

Walkera runner 250 issues


Runner 250 (R).Runner Problems/Issues thread | Walkera Drone Forums


Nov 08,  · Forums > Walkera Forums > Walkera Runner > Runner Problems/Issues thread Discussion in ‘ Walkera Runner ‘ started by dascrow, Jul 4, Aug 24,  · Forums > Walkera Forums > Walkera Runner > Runner Problems/Issues thread Discussion in ‘ Walkera Runner ‘ started by dascrow, Jul 4, Sep 02,  · Lastly, the Runner isn’t particularly quickly. The camera are tilted up to allow you to travel at a greater angle of assault and still see where you’re going, and you’ll need certainly to do this if you wish to get any rate at all from the runner.


Walkera runner 250 problems.Flight Controller Problem on Runner | Walkera Drone Forums

About Walkera. Runner (R) a highly skilled racer. An unpredented visual feast and interesting racing knowledge. The remote controller uses advanced wireless transmission technology, which makes the runner (roentgen) signal stable and delivers an extra-long handheld remote control distance. Jul 24,  · Walkera Runner FPV Racer RTF – Gemfan & Self-Locking Propellers (5 min 26 sec) Walkera Runner FPV Racer RTF – Enabling Throttle Fail Safe (1 min 36 sec) Walkera Runner FPV Racer RTF – Avoiding Flip-of-Death / Death Roll with Throttle Trim (1 min 7 sec). Nov 08,  · Forums > Walkera Forums > Walkera Runner > Runner Problems/Issues thread Discussion in ‘ Walkera Runner ‘ begun by dascrow, Jul 4,
Flight Operator Problem on Runner 250
walkera runner 250 problems
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Runner 250 Problems/Issues thread
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Walkera Runner Review Part 2- Flight Screening and Conclusion –

Discussion in ‘ Walkera Runner ‘ begun by dascrow , Jul 4, Log in or signup. Walkera Drone Forums. Jul 4, 1. Like x 2. Jul 18, 2. My runner will not fly it’ll bind but either the trunk light will flash one at any given time also it won’t spin up. In other cases it will continue flashing but will supply and spin up but will maybe not travel.

Any idea concept what maybe it’s can there be anything I can test. Jul 25, 3. Today I happened to be traveling in 10mph wind. This can be my tenth or so time flying the runner I own several mcpx helis collective pitch, a sr, qx and a qx3 for ap.

I’ve been flying for approximately five years now. I had been up about 50 ft hovering fov. This is about 30 seconds into flight. The quad began yawing and twitching uncontrollably. It started to completely fall appropriate right in front of myself. I had the throttle completely up and it did absolutely nothing. We saw it drop from 50 ft.

I have no clue what occurred. I beleive the tx lost sign to the rx some how. I checked the switches in the tx and everything was in suitable position. It smashed the camera mount, bent the vtx antenna, prop, top support, rear arm and bent the motor. I will be pretty annoyed at walkera. Now im afraid to even fly it above 20 ft especially houses or water.

Luckily for us its back installed and operating with some prying and tweaking things. My vtx works together my fat sharks so im happy i can fly it this weekend. Jul 25, 4. Jul 27, 5. Here is an update. I happened to be traveling once again with another buddy fpv flyer qav He was spotting me personally while I happened to be taking a lap round the park. This is a brand new battery pack stock. I was about 20ft this time and it also completely dropped once again. I had to really install my fatshark fpv system to fly fpv because the previous 50ft dropout damaged the vtx.

The signal from the vtx works about 20ft down before it manages to lose signal. Not so pleased with walkera. Other people have this matter? Like x 1. Aug 1, 6. I’ve had the same issue with mine. I happened to be traveling with my first battery and a lipo security got about 50 to 75 ft from myself plus it simply dropped out the air. I believed the battery died and also the security would be to low but after changing battery pack and alarm to 3.

Believe possibly the airbase I live 5 miles from may have anything to due with lost sign. That week-end I went along to my brothers farm to fly with him he purchased someone to from iuas. My brother started flying first and ended up being going 2 to 3 hundred yards out without any issues so I quickly got up and attempted to fly with him got about 50 meters also it dropped out the air again every time i obtained completely about 50m. Therefore I emailed hobbyking telling them the problem in addition they desired me to make a video clip of what it’s doing.

Therefore I go to travel it and once more it sheds the air like a stone and this time rather than just props breaking it smashed the energy board in two together with the remaining portion of the framework except the battery dish bent the motor housing in therefore it will not move and smashed the battery. I happened to be just bout 15ft from the ground. My brothers flue just fine until he hit an electric line plus it broke the supply when it landed which can be the thickest part of the entire quad it absolutely was their fifth battery pack.

We have been both extremely disappointed with walkera how is this quad post to be a race and 3d quad if it breaks from one 15ft. Believed they simply mainly smashed props. It’s post to be for beginners to but i really don’t see a lot of people engaging in the pastime if need to spend bucks each time it crashes to the ground from 15ft. Agree x 1. Aug 2, 7. I am having exact same issues as other individuals here. Runner simply arbitrarily falling from sky for no reason twice yesterday and after this when traveling around backyard I changed battery pack and connected the battery the two rear lights flash rapidly 12 times then commence to flash alternately slowly and quad refuses to bind.

This can be with a freshly charged battery pack it can this perhaps the transmitter is off or in and I swapped batteries twice. I will be pretty frustrated over my dollar buy edit – I disassembled and discovered the receiver ribbon had separated from it’s connector that plugs in to the PDB. Absolutely nothing may have hit it to tear it therefore I was assuming faulty connector system. Frustration is now disgust.

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